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Ray Narvaez Jr
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Ray after his latest cut. He now knows the importance of staying awake at the barbers.

Born: Ray Narvaez Jr.

September 15th, 1989 (age 24)
Queens, New York

Nationality: Ethnic
Occupation: Achievement Hunter
Employer: Rooster Teeth
Episodes On: 46/69 (as of 2/1/13)
Rooster Teeth Profile: Ray
Xbox Gamertag: BrownMan
YouTube Channel: b1gnbr0wn
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Michael and Ray licking Andrew's fingers

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Ray at his most Puerto Rican

Ray "X-Ray" is the whitest Puerto Rican in the universe. He is known for his love of Jack's Dick. His favorite pony is Applejack while, his ability to josh people with the greatest of ease and status as Grand Wizard and Exodia. Ray's hobbies include making videos for Achievement Hunter and collecting stamps (specifically food ones) and previously, unemployment checks. In AH's Minecraft Let's Plays he is known as the legendary Tuxedo Mask and keeps stockpiles of roses. He does not consume beverages of the alcoholic variety (although Joel has vowed to "fix" this problem). As of April 6th, 2012 he is the newest member of Achievement Hunter.

In April 2015, Ray concealed himself in his apartment and is now a professional Twitch Streamer.


As a child he was refered to as "Tan Man", but after a specific vacation he got a tan. This Tan on Tan Action (TTA!) made a brown pigment. The brown pigmentation caused his friend to re name him as "BrownMan". In later years he has sticked with this "BrownMan" nickname.

Repeated Humor

Many of the jokes that are repeated over and over on the Internet Box are either started or run into the ground by Ray, such as "The Bees!" and Michael Jordan and the chaos. And a Mexican Wrestler thing from Internet Podcast #63.

The mating call of Narvaez

The Rare mating call of the Narvaez clan29:43

The Rare mating call of the Narvaez clan

SKIP TO 29:30

At the end of the 18th lets play Ray reveals the mating call of the Narvaez clan. David Attenborough tried to capture this once in a lifetime event on planet earth and failed he did not mention it at all during filming because of his great shame, however Sigourney Weaver outed his failure and laughed at him on the american version.

If you meet in person

A rusty trombone or ceremonial blumpkin is required upon arrival. Or the releasing of a rather large amount of bees.


Ray is the master of meatsp

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